Parenting Plan

Father with a small daughter outside, planning wooden birdhouse.

Parenting Plan Attorneys in Pierce County and King County

The standard for determining a parenting plan in a divorce are the same as the standards for determining a parenting plan in other family law matters.  If you have minor children and are contemplating divorce, you will need a parenting plan.  If you have any questions about divorce or parenting plan, feel free to call us to discuss it.  We have offices in Seattle and Tacoma.  Our family law attorneys serve clients in Pierce County, King County, and the surrounding communities.

What Should be in My Parenting Plan?

There is no one size fits all parenting plan.  A functional parenting plan should take your individual circumstances into account.  We offer a no cost 30-minute consultation and case evaulation.  During the consultation, we can discuss your situation and provide some reccomendations as to what should be included in your parenting plan.