Temporary Orders Family Law

When a case is filed, whether it is for nonparental custody, parenting plan, parenting plan modification, relocation or divorce, the court may enter temporary orders.  This is important, because sometimes the trial date can be several months from date of filing.  This will depend on the type of case filed, the county filed in and whether there are any continuances.  There can be a lot of stress and uncertainty when parents cannot come to an agreement with the other parent or spouse regarding what will happen with the children and child support before the case goes to trial.  You do not need to be left with uncertainty prior to final resolution in your case.  


If a motion is brought, in addition to a temporary parenting plan and child support, the court can enter restraining orders, order assessments for drug and alcohol, order a mental health evaluation, appoint a guardian ad litem or other things on a temporary basis.  The court is essentially putting a band aid on the situation and providing temporary relief until a final decision can be made by agreement or at trial.  We can help you determine whether you should file for a temporary order.